Posted by Nick McLean on March 2, 2010 
Nice shot, Nikos!
Posted by Jim Bartolotta on March 3, 2010 
Nice shot, Nick. When I was at Tech, there was one classroom where I could see the green E units come and go - not good for grades! D.W. Brosnan was the SOU president and was a founder of my fraternity chapter many years earlier, but did not maintain contact.
Posted by cmgrowell on March 3, 2010 
Excellent shot. I regret not doing more rail-fanning when I was at tech in the early 90's.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on March 5, 2010 
Very nice indeed! I also regret not doing more railfanning when I was at Tech, but I did shoot this location and have a shot of these very same signals and water tank on the wall in front of me, with run-through UP power! Also fog, but no rain. I do prefer your take on it.
Posted by Darrell Krueger on March 6, 2010 
Nice shot, Nikos. I like the angle
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