Posted by W. D. Shaw on March 10, 2010 
That's pure Gold, man! Nice shot, Ron. Btw the dog is not howling in protest, he's singing along! Used to play a trumpet when I was a kid, had a dog that would come running from miles away just to sit down and howl along with the tunes. Even when I switched to electric guitar he'd do the same, though not quite as enthusiastically!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 10, 2010 
That's a howl, Ron. Great shot. Now if we could just get RP to accept photos with a dog in the train!
Posted by Jeff Sell on March 11, 2010 
Ron - Great Picture! Being a dog owner myself, I'm in agreement with a previous comment. Since this is "Man's Best Friend", he isn't howling in protest but savoring the the sounds from the approaching train! In other words....Good Dog!
Posted by Terry Chicwak on March 11, 2010 
No offense Little Ronnie Flanary, but that shot is a real "barker"
Posted by Ed Mullan on March 11, 2010 
Those GE's have a sound all their own, maybe the pooch is in tune! Love the shot.
Posted by BMARK99USA on March 11, 2010 
Poor hound.
Posted by Werner Rolli on March 11, 2010 
Gorgeous shot Ron! I mean, that's life. How often do you see such interaction? Very nicely executed photograph, indeed. Werner
Posted by julia51 on March 11, 2010 
Great shot, what a little trooper! Bet the engineers get a kick out of him. (hope he's not a "car" chaser!)
Posted by Randy Doss on March 11, 2010 
The howl's a hoot! Nice work.
Posted by Nscalemike on March 11, 2010 
Very cute it.
Posted by Luke Ansell on March 13, 2010 
The Dog is howling to the Train God's as he wanted a pure set of "40's". Great shot Ron, and enjoy my PCA to you, well done mate.
Posted by Charles Bonville on March 17, 2010 
Such good fortunes to get such a unique image! Nice capture.
Posted by Bo Gray on March 22, 2010 
Terrific shot, Ron! The dog isn't named Leslie or Nathan, is he?
Posted by Bill Grenchik on March 23, 2010 
This place is going to the dogs! great shot
Posted by George W. Hamlin on March 27, 2010 
A great one!
Posted by on November 29, 2010 
Great shot! Its an classic.
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