Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on March 21, 2010 
Glass skyscrapers right next to a steam era turntable. Qh, the things you see if you live long enough.
Posted by Edward Fréchette on March 22, 2010 
It always saddened me that the roundhouse wasn't turned into a living locomotive museum, rather than shops. It has taken long enough, but at last a turntable has been installed, and effort is being made to put together a collection. Shame though that these beasts have to be caged up, and glass on the railings, a bit too arty for me. I second Dennis's comment on the things you see if you live long enough!
Posted by The Wolf on March 22, 2010 
The Toronto Railway Heritage Centre is funded by the City of Toronto and they do try hard.Although they must walk on egg shells especially through the recession and they have been fortunate.I am glad they were able too preseve a lot of the diesels from the past and kudos on the CNR steamer in the back ground. The only gripe I have is that they built a 7.5 gauge railway around the yard and no offence too the Americans who read this,but they bought a Steam train for the 7.5 gauge via a builder from the states and I felt that they should have checked more of the Canadian builders before having to head south. Other than that,again at least they are trying and I do hope they succeed in the future.
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