Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on April 4, 2010 
That is awesome!
Posted by Robert Butler on April 4, 2010 
That's an excellent composition and camera angle. Well done!
Posted by J. Wheeler on April 4, 2010 
That is an MP15T. Notice the blower housing right in front of the cab? A good spotting feature for that type.
Posted by Bicot (Marc Caya) on April 4, 2010 
Rust; lots of it!
Posted by Jennifer Leigh McDaniel on April 4, 2010 
Thank you :) J. Wheeler - A friend of mine from outside informed me of my mistake and I sent in a photo correction form... I'm actually not familiar with this type of locomotive so I did a search here using the number and that is what someone else had listed. Maybe I read it wrong... I'm still quite new at this... anyways, thanks for the info! :)
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