Posted by Brice Barrett on April 6, 2010 
I bring mine with me as well. We have a contest to see who can get the engineer to honk the horn at them first. Strange enough, I always seem to lose =/. Can't imagine why.
Posted by Nathan Lafond on April 6, 2010 
I completely agree with your remark, Max. Cool shot!
Posted by Jamie Miller on April 6, 2010 
That's for sure Max! My wife is a railfan...crews are much friendlier when she is around.
Posted by Kelby Tarmann on April 6, 2010 
It's about time this one got accepted. Great job sir. I hope to get you two back up here soon.
Posted by Joseph Yarbrough on April 6, 2010 
Great photo of one of our former IC SD40-3s. After the DM&IR acquisition, CN sent most of the SD40s north. If you happened to noticed, they are now equipped with "straight air." Note the air hoses next to the ditch lights. Straight air (main reservoir pressure) is used for opening the doors on some hoppers. BTW, waving at the girls has always been a priority and will always garner attention, lol. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Bill Grenchik on April 6, 2010 
Hey another PEQ to top of 24, way to go! goes to show what the forum can do for you.
Posted by Gales of November on June 7, 2010 
Actually, the straight air is for extra braking power coming down large hills, such as Proctor, and the steep one near Two Harbors. You can have your IC units back if we get our DMIR units back!
Posted by on December 14, 2010 
Great photo! I like how you captured conductor waving. I'll have to take my girlfriend railfanning sometime!
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