Posted by Mitch Goldman on June 9, 2010 
So Reading - thanks for sharing this series!
Posted by Charles Freericks on June 9, 2010 
Great shot... what a wonderful piece of history (and to think I was actually alive when you took it, although not walking yet, so definitely not railfanning.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on June 10, 2010 
I never tire of seeing 2124 since it was the was the first steam locomotive I ever saw alive.
Posted by Mr. Train on January 16, 2017 
Wish this picture was taken in 2017 on a steam freight excursion.
Posted by Rob S on December 2, 2020 
Born in '57 in the Reading area I have an extremely fuzzy memory of seeing/hearing steam in actual service, not sure if it's my imagination or not. This photo gives me hope that maybe the phantom memory is real.
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