Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 16, 2010 
There's a pop up message that even Elite members will have to see, LOL.
Posted by Jason Eminian on August 16, 2010 
L.A. at it's finest. "Colorful" pic !
Posted by EL ROCO Photography on August 16, 2010 
Wow, why didn't I think of that? That is classic, and to think I remember when Mr. Seacrest was the afternoon DJ on this no budget L.A. FM station called STAR 98.7!
Posted by Andre Beverly on August 17, 2010 
That's a good one, Charles. I like that caption. I've seen that train around, but never in such a photogenic spot.
Posted by Shawn Levy on August 18, 2010 
Luv it! Great job.
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