Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 9, 2010 
Ouch! Why? Otherwise, nice shot.
Posted by D.Witte on September 9, 2010 
Interesting paint scheme. Anyone know what movie was that for?
Posted by Kevin Madore on September 9, 2010 
And they said no horses were abused in the making of that movie......
Posted by Nathan Zachman on September 9, 2010 
#483 was in movie makeup for the 1969 film 'The Good Guys and The Bad Guys'. There might of been another film that it was used in. Nathan Z.
Posted by steam_marc on September 10, 2010 
I'm sorry; I love the C&TSRR dearly, but that is the most horrible paint scheme I have ever seen on a steam locomotive. The only other one that comes close is when CB&Q 5632 was painted gold. Nice catch!
Posted by Matt3985 on September 10, 2010 
It was from Indiana Jones and The Last Cursaide that #487 was painted like this. :)
Posted by BN-SF on September 10, 2010 
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade came out in 1989. I agree that this is one of the worst paint schemes I have ever seen.
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