Posted by JR Leal on September 12, 2010 
I caught this train loaded SB/EB and empty NB/WB thru Saginaw, TX and thought the same as you, Oakway. Nope, just the ugly duck.
Posted by J. C. Smith, Jr. on September 12, 2010 
Send a copy of this eyesore to BNSF owner Warren Buffet, I'm sure he'd get it in the paint shop right away! By the way, have any Grinstein Green SD70MACs ever been repainted?
Posted by Gales of November on September 12, 2010 
Yes a few have been repainted.
Posted by Jacob J. Nelson on September 12, 2010 
Wow i thought the same thing as you, wow that is the worst that I've ever seen! I know the 94xx's seem to be in the worst condition
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