Posted by Nick McLean on September 29, 2010 
That's an awesome location and great power. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Mike Mautner on September 29, 2010 
That is Nice!
Posted by Joe Vittitoe on September 29, 2010 
Beautiful shot. When you mentioned though that it was ex. Wisconsin Central 7517 that number sounded familiar. If you look at RP 278547 you'll see why. Never saw it on home rails but it sure looked good leading a CSX train. Again thanks for posting.
Posted by AtlantaRails on September 29, 2010 
Ok, im going to get the prototype police after you for this model railroad. A what 1.5 to 2 % grade going into a lake? Very cool scene, the fresh paint on those units and the wacky track arrangement really does make it look like a model.
Posted by Seth R. on September 30, 2010 
One word- Surreal. Fantastic shot, John.
Posted by Craig Williams on September 30, 2010 
Yep, it turned out nice. You are right, this was cool area! Oh,...right-on.
Posted by Carl Becker on September 30, 2010 
Man, John, that is one fantastic shot out there!
Posted by Thomas Mik on September 30, 2010 
John............that is one MINT photograph.
Posted by Renee on October 2, 2010 
I have to admit that the very clean paint job on those diesels and they way the line seems to just jut out into this lake in the middle of ND (?) doe suggest the appearance of a model railroad. Excellent photo John.
Posted by Ben Kopicz on October 5, 2010 
I have never seen water so blue. Great photo.
Posted by Patrick Smith (Railwolf) on October 8, 2010 
Wow, I didn't know any of the SD50F's were saved! Thank you DMVW!
Posted by Chuck Schwesinger on November 26, 2010 
Awesome shot John! Great to see an ex WC SD45 still out and running. I know I logged a few miles in WC 7517...back when railroading could still be fun.
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