Posted by BNSF 711 on October 4, 2010 
My sympathies to the conductor.
Posted by Kevin Bleich on October 4, 2010 
Wasn't this locomotive also involved in the Chatsworth wreck?
Posted by brahamfireman on October 4, 2010 
The trailing unit to this one was the one that was involved in the MetroLink 111 crash that killed 25.
Posted by Joe Musolf on October 4, 2010 
That looks like a bad wreck. On a random note, what's up with people putting their graffiti on locomotives these days rather than freight cars?
Posted by Steven M. Welch on October 5, 2010 
After running many SD70ACe's, this one rips me apart inside... I can't imagine being inside that locomotive during impact. My sincere condolences go out to all involved.
Posted by INFANTRY327 on October 5, 2010 
I dont encourage graffiti but they could have more respect for the Stars & Stripes.
Posted by cmgrowell on October 5, 2010 
I don't think unit has been used since the Chatsworth wreck. It was sitting in Oxnard for a long time until being moved more recently. Interesting to see it uncovered. Wonder what they have planned for it.
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