Posted by J. C. Smith, Jr. on October 24, 2010 
Yet another in an unending stream of spectacular images, Marc. Who could ever imagine there would be so much dramatic railroading in the wild, barren landscapes of South America?
Posted by Charlie O on October 24, 2010 
Here we go again, with another striking Frybourg image. The multi-shades of subdued colors of the hills and the shadows on some of the hills, the sweeping curve of the railroad in the right background, contrasting with the bright paint jobs on the locomotives, make for another masterpiece in this series.
Posted by Paul Ash on October 25, 2010 
Remarkable! I see the focal length is "3000", according to the EXIF data. What lens were you using?
Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on October 25, 2010 
Thanks for all your kind words!
The lens is the fabulous AF-S Nikkor 300mm 1:2.8G II ED. But as it is mounted on a Nikon D300, a DX body with a small sensor, it becomes a 450mm with a magnyfying factor of x9 (instead of x6 for a 300mm).
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