Posted by Chris Zygmunt on November 18, 2010 
Very nice photo. Looks amazingly like the Monarch branch near Maysville where it crosses at highway 50. It even looks like it's coming off the switchbacks there. That line was started to be standard gauged on July 30, 1956.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 18, 2010 
Nice! Has a great feel to it. And that grade, just before the crossing -wild!
Posted by Tugboat on November 19, 2010 
That really does look like the old Monarch branch there. I miss the old 'Grande
Posted by Jeff Abbott on November 19, 2010 
Magnificent collection. A plethora of artifacts... thanks for taking the time to upload. Don't know how I missed them along the way. This one also reminds me of the Monarch which I visited back in the late 70's.... I miss the DRGW no matter where the shot. Killer image no doubt. Jeff
Posted by hemiadda2d on November 19, 2010 
Definitely looks like the Monarch Branch, at Marysville/US 50. The loads are noting more than limestone for the Colorado Fuel & Iron (CF&I) mills at Pueblo. This grade reached a brutal 4.5%. Still a nice shot. I can //almost// smell the smoking brake shoes. Nice capture.
Posted by Sport! on November 19, 2010 
"She'll be coming down the mountain when she comes! She'll be coming down the mountain when she comes! She'll be coming down the mountain, She'll be coming down the mountain, She'll be coming down the mountain when she comes!" Keep 'em coming! The Monarch Pass area is an incredible site to behold!
Posted by Troy Nolen on November 19, 2010 
Those black crossbucks with white lettering is a blast from the past. I gotta say I have never seen a "1 Track" sign before.
Posted by assiuolo on November 19, 2010 
Posted by yippinyahoo on November 19, 2010 
That looks unreal!
Posted by Chris Nuthall on November 19, 2010 
Just looked at the map - - and realized that this is probably the lower crossing, not the switchback crossing - I'll just get back into my little box!
Posted by Ray Peacock on November 20, 2010 
This location is ID'd by this Otto Perry classic, there is a 4% grade coming down the mountain. Note the slight ridge on the top of the mountain above the highway, it is clearly seen in this photo and when you click here
Posted by Gerald Oliveto on November 24, 2010 
Nice shot! Love the button copy crossbucks!
Posted by Greg T. on November 24, 2010 
Great photo!
Posted by Samuel Phillips on November 24, 2010 
Excellent photo, John! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Huiala Andrei Edward on November 25, 2010 
Older times. Very good shot!
Posted by Charlie O on November 26, 2010 
This is a wonderful, interesting photo. Very steep grade for a standard-gauge RR in North America. The smoking brakeshoes and crossing add the finishing touches. PCA and Favorite Photo for me. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Caleb Baker on November 27, 2010 
This diesel is looking very good in condition. And looks like it has a-lot of limestone loads too!
Posted by Ken Huard on November 27, 2010 
Wow! Nice piece of history!
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