Posted by Edgefan on November 21, 2010 
My wife and I were on this very train. We had a very knowledgeable gentleman in the other bedroom who knew this route like the back of his hand. We had our own private tour guide, it was fantastic. I was so excited when we rolled through the area in this photograph. We were disapointed we didn't stop. We were at least 3 hours late as it was. Our new friend said sometimes they stop when they are near advertised. I will alternate this picture with another Thurmond, WV photo(Scott Lothes) that shows the grade crossing, as my laptop wallpaper. Thank you for such a beautiful photograph! Scott's picture was our inspiration to ride the Cardinal in the first place.
Posted by Mick Page on November 22, 2010 
Nice shot Troy I have one similar as I was next to you when you shot it!
Posted by Troy Nolen on November 23, 2010 
You must be the nice gentleman from England that I met in Thurmond.
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