Posted by Darren Megowan on December 4, 2010 
I'm not a big fan of passenger trains, electrified lines, or European railroading. So, a shot of a European electrified passenger train usually doesn't grab my attention with the exception of this image. It's truely a beautiful photo in my opinion. PCA vote from me.
Posted by mishu88 on December 5, 2010 
Romantic winter scene...!!
Posted by FuddyDuddy on December 5, 2010 
Maciej, great use of light and composition. It truly is a 24hr job on the railroad. My PCA as well, and thanks for sharing.
Posted by AtlantaRails on March 17, 2012 
Beautiful shot! No doubt the snow helped reflect some light onto the dark side of the train making for some very interesting lighting.
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