Posted by Jez Smith on January 9, 2011 
What a waste. Yes, the machine is old, the metal is rusted, and there is little hope of salvation, but will some manufacturer just make a new fleet with modern engineering principles, but encased in a body based upon this timeless design? The E & F units just epitomise all that was good about railways.
Posted by miningcamper on January 9, 2011 
Even in it's sad current condition, this unit looks better than Amtrak's modern styling disasters.
Posted by Dan Hildebrand on January 9, 2011 
With all the auto makers making 'retro styled' vehicles I would love it to see EMD make a 'retro styled' locomotive, with their streamlined design I would think they would achieve better fuel economy.
Posted by Gordon Graham on January 10, 2011 
At least it is still on track...
Posted by Penn Central fan 1 on November 6, 2011 
It's nice to see one still exists from the Penn Central days.
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