Posted by J. C. Smith, Jr. on March 6, 2011 
A spectacular result Mitch, and it's amazing how the panning lessens the usual, overbearing, impact of the catenary in an overhead picture. Cropped vertically, this should be a cover shot of Trains!
Posted by Rich Brown on March 6, 2011 
GREAT SHOT ! This photo SHOULD be the cover for Amtrak's next "Winter Season" National Timetable ( providing, of course that there STILL IS an Amtrak by this fall ) in addition to deserving a definite PCA.
Posted by Michael Harding on March 6, 2011 
Nicely done Mitch! Neat angle & perspective for a NEC zoom-pan.
Posted by Robert Bester on March 6, 2011 
Excellent photograph. Definitely a PCA from me.
Posted by on March 6, 2011 
Good lord Mitch! Awesome shot!
Posted by Kevin Madore on March 6, 2011 
Awesome perspective on an electric, Mitch. Barreling down "the corridor" indeed!
Posted by Laird Barber on March 6, 2011 
Fantastic shot. Great pan effect. PCA and cover shot material in my opinion. Keep up the good work, Mitch.
Posted by David Honan on March 6, 2011 
Ah, there's the "Goldpan" technique that we all respect and are awed by. Spectacular capture, Mitch!
Posted by Jonathan Hallman on March 6, 2011 
Once again, Mitch, you've proved yourself master of the pan shot! Definitely worthy of a PCA vote.
Posted by Brian Hiscock on March 6, 2011 
Now that's cool!
Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on March 6, 2011 
That pic just says Northeast Corridor
Posted by Nscalemike on March 6, 2011 
The Pan Master strikes again!
Posted by Cinderpath on March 6, 2011 
Fantastic job Mitch! Really captures the essence of the corridor.
Posted by Stan Sienicki on March 6, 2011 
Excellent results Mitch, my nomination for PCA, a very moving image.
Posted by Charles Freericks on March 7, 2011 
Spectacular work.
Posted by Jim Sinclair on March 7, 2011 
Fantastic shot, Mitch!! When I saw the thumbnail, I knew it was going to be a winner! PCA vote from me.
Posted by Steve Carter on March 7, 2011 
What more can be said? The bar's a little higher, again!
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on March 7, 2011 
Superb. Well deserved excitement here on RP. Congrats Mitch!
Posted by Eric Williams on March 7, 2011 
Beautiful capture Mitch! PCA from me.
Posted by Matt Rivers on March 7, 2011 
Excellent! Look at it long enough and you'll feel like the picture is moving! Hellooooo Amtrak photo contest!
Posted by John Benner on March 14, 2011 
Great technique Mitch. Superb photograph.
Posted by Scott Markloff on March 14, 2011 
Hey Mitch, awesome picture and congrats on the PCA 1. Well deserved.
Posted by Tom S Birch on March 19, 2011 
Electric shot!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on March 20, 2011 
Once again mitch, your awesome pan shots never cease to amaze me! Awesome shot!
Posted by Steve Crise on May 16, 2011 
Will the parade of stunning images that you create ever end - I hope not! If Amtrak does not buy this image from you and use it - then I see no hope. Looks better than 90% of the agency shots they pay thousands for. - Steve Crise
Posted by CP_ASH on August 8, 2011 
The best picture! Beautiful shot!
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on November 10, 2011 
You know, I must have seen this shot last winter, I must have! Was I on vacation that week? Anyway, really nice, love the up close and personal insulators at the top, a bit more spice on top of a great image. Not just a zoom pan but a zoom pan that takes good advantage of the surroundings in the composition.
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on January 28, 2021 
Extraordinary incredible Mitch
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