Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 27, 2011 
Nice shot, John. Nice to see steam in action so early in the year! Tennessee, steam friendly state, now with #630, #610, #154, #203 and #4501! Still need a few more to catch PA, but I"m not counting!
Posted by Matt3985 on March 27, 2011 
Awsome. Glad to see her back running again. Nice Shot John. :D
Posted by Nick McLean on March 27, 2011 
Great shots John! She is an excellent looking machine and TVRM should be very proud.
Posted by Larry Bell on March 27, 2011 
A fabulous shot of an excellently restored locomotive.
Posted by TL Scott on March 28, 2011 
Just down the street from where we used to stay!! You done Good!!!
Posted by Ellis Simon on March 28, 2011 
Great to see #630 running again. Can't believe almost 36 years have passed since I chased her pulling an excursion from Atlanta to Toccoa.
Posted by Dave Redmann on May 27, 2011 
Great shot--love the point of view / perspective, lighting, framing, color, and--last but not least--seeing SOU 630 running again.
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