Posted by on May 14, 2011 
I count 4. but very interesting photo
Posted by steve star on May 14, 2011 
Great photo! My dad worked for the now defunked MMTC (Milwaukee Motors transportation Co.) the piggyback division of the Milwaukee Road, which you can see the shop building just before the Manheim Rd. Bridge at the top right of the photo.
Posted by Lou Fox on May 14, 2011 
I like this photo without counting locomotives.
Posted by Sport! on May 18, 2011 
Outbound from O'hare I presume? ... hopefully as a passenger! I spy a "SOO" rattler too... not as much activity there as in days past... surprised there's not a "Bandit" lurking somewhere in there. I am surprised that the FAA, FRA, & STB will allow anyone to photograph railroads from a commercial (or otherwise) flight! LOL!!!
Posted by Sanky on July 7, 2011 
Wow, that is awesome.
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