Posted by otlocal on May 30, 2011 
This was a common practice,to use these engines on freights during the weekends,and then send them back to San Jose and the commute power pool during the week.
Posted by Steven M. Welch on May 30, 2011 
Very nice!
Posted by Jack Wayne on October 16, 2011 
In August of that year, my Mom, Aunt, Uncle (the latter two lived in Los Angeles where we'd flown to visit them) and I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to this city to tour San Francisco. We booked a room at the Jack London Inn here on the Square. My poor Uncle, a brilliant and wonderful yet high-strung man, didn't know of this mainline street running right outside our window. The trains kept him up all night and in the morning my aunt pulled my Mom aside and said, "We've got to find a different hotel". Hope I can return some day to see this sight again.
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