Posted by cmdrflake on June 6, 2011 
They preserved one of those junkers? Oh, well, someone in the future may ride in one of these roach coaches on the "Kennebunk Flyer" and feel like he/she is riding out of Wonderland for Logan or the North End. They were hot in summer, cold in winter, rode rough, lost power regularly and got you there-- sometimes. Ah, the memories of winter at Wonderland's parking lots, where the wind chill was at arctic levels, as late as May, and as early as August. Now, for the Boeing car. It was awful. Period. But riding one to the old Boston Garden seemed appropriate, considering everything. They were just right for going to that lovable dump known as Boston Garden. Neither was heated, neither had air conditioning (The AC in the Boeings NEVER worked, ever!) and when you got to a Celtics game which in the Larry Bird era, it was worth all the discomfort one endured.
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