Posted by Cameron Applegath on June 24, 2011 
Steven, great capture of the ever-advancing era of Global Warming.. Looks like were in for it good...
Posted by Carl Becker on June 24, 2011 
Brushing that previous comment completely aside, truly what a story and photo to go alongside of it.
Posted by Steven Trout on June 24, 2011 
The Minot Roundhouse was beyond the pedestrian bridge in the back ground. It would be getting wet too, if it still stood. You can see the cement footings of the Roundhouse from the pedestrian bridge.
Posted by CalMurray on June 25, 2011 
Nice Photo Steven of this very unfortunate event unfolding in Minot. They shut down the CP Portal Subdivision re-routing CP traffic up to Noyes Minnesota with up too 12 trains a day now. Best of luck down there in Minot, the Magic City truly is a nice place to visit.
Posted by on June 28, 2011 
Incredible vantage point. I'm very sorry for your shuttle driver. Hope everything doesn't get/hasn't gotten too out of hand.
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