Posted by David Benn on June 30, 2011 
Wonderful image from one of the last outposts of Steam Traction.
Posted by Randy Doss on June 30, 2011 
Great shot! Thanks for taking time to make it happen.
Posted by Jeff Sell on June 30, 2011 
Now that's a plume! Thanks for sharing this gem.
Posted by on July 1, 2011 
Reminds me something ... I think that I've already seen that train somewhere. ;-) Could it be possible that we were in China together at the same time?
Posted by Fabrice Lanoue on July 1, 2011 
Yes indeed, I think so my friend !!
Posted by Jesus Portas on July 1, 2011 
S U B L I M E !!!!! Thanks for share.
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