Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 30, 2011 
Now there's a choice image if I ever saw one. Very nice!
Posted by Zach Pumphery on August 30, 2011 
It's no zoom pan, Mitch, but it's the only friggin' picture of this bridge on the entire site--which is hard to believe.
Posted by Jake Branson on August 31, 2011 
It is too bad that the former GWWR doesn't host more trains. This bridge is always nice for photos. Nice job.
Posted by Mike McDermott on August 31, 2011 
The best looking train on the US rails today, bar none. Way to go KCS.
Posted by Mike McDermott on August 31, 2011 
This is the best looking train on US rails today, bar none. Way to go KCS.
Posted by Jim Sinclair on August 31, 2011 
Zach... This is a wonderful shot of the Glasgow bridge and the train isn't too shabby, either! Not only is this the first image of this awesome bridge in the database, it's also the first image from Glasgow, Missouri! I remember hearing about the flood damage to the Glasgow bridge since I wasn't very far away helping to rebuild the NS "up north" on the former Wabash Moberly-Kansas City mainline. Back then, the GWWR was broke and I seem to recall it was out of service for quite awhile. I'm not 100% sure about this, but I also seem to recall the GWWR was detouring their trains over the former Wabash out of KC to Moberly and then south (timetable east) to Clark, MO, where they gained access to home rails. Thanks for sharing this gem with us and I'm going to nominate it for a PCA!
Posted by Doug Foust on August 31, 2011 
Such a great backdrop for the "Belle"!! PCA for me as well!
Posted by miningcamper on October 24, 2011 
Beautiful train (I don't think it equals the SP Daylight, though). The theme song for that bridge must be "Rust Never Sleeps"!
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