Posted by Joe Vittitoe on September 26, 2011 
Very nice!
Posted by Casey Thomason on September 26, 2011 
Looks good, with studio lighting on the engines! Wish I could've been on the hilltop with ya'll.
Posted by on September 26, 2011 
Indeed Casey, Nikos did good - I'd say he nailed it. One of the best exposures I've seen at Cook Springs ever, and I've been there a few times myself.
Posted by Gene Bowker on September 26, 2011 
Wonderful shot! Love the way it snakes off into the distance!
Posted by Dave Blaze... on September 27, 2011 
A publicity shot if there ever was one! You need to send a copy of this up to Norfolk.
Posted by Moss Miller on November 1, 2011 
I'll say it again on Railpictures.Net: THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST RAILROAD PHOTOS I HAVE EVER SEEN!
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