Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on November 7, 2011 
Unusual color and texture James. (And yes, I do feel bad for the car.)
Posted by Jeff Terry on November 7, 2011 
It just looks worse and worse every time I see it. Not too long ago - 1998 - it still had SLG&W lettering and window frames.
Posted by Erick Anderson on November 7, 2011 
Apart from the graffiti it looks like something from Life After People. The muted colors in the background help.
Posted by EL ROCO Photography on November 9, 2011 
The mountains in the background and the shadows with the snow really makes the shot - very nice.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 21, 2011 
This is really a cool shot, and I ain't talking about the snow! Nicely captured. Thanks for the info, as well.
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