Posted by train man on November 20, 2011 
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on November 20, 2011 
Grat job Ben. This is a superb example of the almost impossible 3/4 pan. Well done.
Posted by BurghMan on November 20, 2011 
Nice job of using some unique composition to produce a non-traditional phoot.... And getting it approved!
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on November 21, 2011 
Agreed, beautiful technical shot and great colors! Nice job.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 21, 2011 
Not all pans need be at 90 to be effective - nice job, Ben!
Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on November 21, 2011 
Very tough shot to execute.
Posted by Elchlok on November 21, 2011 
GREAT work, PCA!!
Posted by Ben Sutton on November 21, 2011 
Thank you all for the comments.
Posted by Wharton Separk on November 24, 2011 
Very creative, great work there, Ben.
Posted by Eugene Armer on November 29, 2011 
IMHO the contrast of the black loco against the yellow fall leaves is what makes this shot....apart from the nice pan!
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