Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 25, 2011 
That's amazing that these engines are still around and a testament to EMD and old fashioned American engineering.
Posted by Brandon Townley on December 25, 2011 
Yay! 1,000!
Posted by on December 25, 2011 
Very cool to see those units still around! Nice!
Posted by SeanK97 on December 26, 2011 
How cool, I have a pic of these sitting down the spur in Walled Lake MI from a number of years back, they were sitting on the property of the Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train. Thanks for sharing this one, many memories here:)
Posted by James Byberg on December 26, 2011 
Yea, I photographed the move that brought these to Interchange with the CSX at Wixom, Michigan. They are going to Silcott Railway Equipment in Columbus for complete rebuild before they go to the WCOR. I have to say knowing both these units as long as I have, its sad they're sitting there and haven't gotten their chance to be great once again.
Posted by Trey Holland on December 26, 2011 
Hard to believe they've been down there for a month. I keep going back there always thinking they've moved them. They are supposed to be headed to George Silcott for repair and rebuild.
Posted by on December 26, 2011 
These locomotives were originally owned by Canadian Pacific Railway built around 1950. They came from Quebec, Canada and were used for commuter service in Montreal, Quebec until retirement.
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