Posted by Kevin Andrusia on January 22, 2012 
Well worth the effort, Bob. Many viewers don't know this view will be changing with US 1 construction...hopefully it will be something worth all their effort, too!
Posted by Gales of November on January 22, 2012 
I actually ended up riding on the FEC 90 today, Henry Flaglers car. Was really neat considering it was the 100 anniversary.
Posted by J. C. Smith, Jr. on January 23, 2012 
While this heritage scheme is stunning in its own right, the first FEC road diesel graphic layouts had those four black nose stripes surrounding a second, lower, headlight. So I think if the herald was placed in the center of the nose stripes on this version, the company logo would be given more prominence, and thus, even more closely mirror the original design. This is an excellent exposure, Bob!
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