Posted by David Stewart on March 3, 2012 
Great photo and information, very interesting, just show how things change...
Posted by Brian Sellers on March 3, 2012 
Great photo & information! I visited the mine in 1993 and remember seeing some rail activity at the time. Not surprised everything is trucked out today.
Posted by 2946class on March 3, 2012 
WOW! I just love all of the levels of track. Great photo!
Posted by miningcamper on March 4, 2012 
Impressive subject! Hope the taxpayers don't get stuck with the bill for any cleanup, as with so many other mining sites.
Posted by on April 26, 2013 
They dont use a slurry line in the pit. They have a "mobile" crusher. Haulage rucks haul to the top of the crusher and dump their load in the top of a gyratory crusher where it is round down to football size or smaller. Thing of an enormoous pepper grinder. The ground rock is carried by conveyor to the Copperton Concentrator and stored in an A frame open sided repository but sheltered from direct deposits of rail or snow. The material is then processed in the concentrator to extract minerals from the waste stuff. The minerals are slurried to teh smelter 15 miles to the north along SR 201 near the Salt Lake/ Tooele county, waste material or tailings are slurried to the tailings pond directly north of Magna.
Posted by on April 26, 2013 
The electrical shovels use a trail cable running three phase ac at 5kv.
Posted by Steve Larson on November 20, 2014 
James, I have always loved this photo. I love that it shows color other than that of the mine. One can see locomotives, rail cars, the big shovels & even a yellow/orange truck on the lower left. So much to see & it's all represented. I used to visit there several times a year until they started charging $ to get in. Thanks again.
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