Posted by Sid Vaught on March 27, 2012 
Nick, One time about 18 years ago I got to ride up the loops in the cab on an Israeli-built Diesel MU train demonstrating for Amtrak. That was one of the big thrills of my railfan life. It is truly spectacular and it's difficult to catch the flavor of the place with a camera. You've done it. Sid
Posted by Adam Genteman on March 27, 2012 
Great Location, so cool in fact that I looked it up in Google Maps and saw what appears to be darn near the same train in the same spot, two on the head-end and 10 trailing. A few more leaves on the trees though! I'd love to see this in person someday.
Posted by Wharton Separk on March 28, 2012 
Nick, I agree with Sid, this photo truly captures the essence of the loops ... very nice.
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