Posted by Lizzard_45 on April 17, 2012 
Do these get three axle or four axle trucks on each end?
Posted by sirmartinfrobisher on April 21, 2012 
Because they are narrow gauge, there is dificulty getting a big motor onto one truck so I understand that they are fitted with four two axle trucks. two at each end, and four motors, one for each truck.
Posted by Welber Santos on April 25, 2012 
@sirmartinfrobisher, the BB4-9WM works with eight motors, one per axle.
Posted by sirmartinfrobisher on April 26, 2012 
@Weber Santos Thanks for the info, I had read it that it was one motor per bogie.
Posted by MIKE on May 18, 2012 
Nice shot! Any info on the TTX flat car?
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