Posted by JL Scott on April 29, 2012 
Beautiful shot! Always good to see shots from Abo Canyon. And I know what you mean about the changing times.
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on April 29, 2012 
Beautifully captured. My vote for a PCA and thanks for sharing.
Posted by Austin Beede on April 29, 2012 
Very nice!
Posted by Brian Sellers on May 1, 2012 
Congratulations on a well deserved POTW Mike! Santa Fe all the Way!
Posted by Bill Kloss on May 1, 2012 
Superb photo!
Posted by Jim Thias on May 1, 2012 
Wonderful! And a perfect image for POTW.
Posted by Gary on May 4, 2012 
Anything ATSF! Its just so iconic. Superb photo.
Posted by Henryb on May 7, 2012 
I wonder how that shot looks today after the double tracking? Otherwise a WONDERFUL shot
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