Posted by Jacob J. Nelson on May 2, 2012 
Nice catch with the numberboards! What a great scene going on here, a GP9 with a caboose, a snowplow, snow is falling, all nice!
Posted by David North on May 2, 2012 
Looks like part of the front pilot is missing, not to mention a plow (if it had one that is)
Posted by Dave Blaze... on May 2, 2012 
Late date just before the end for this fascinating operation. I am jealous!
Posted by Bill Hooper on May 2, 2012 
The pilot was removed to allow it to navigate the dip at the barge slip dock, similiar to the effect of bottoming out when hauling a trailer with a long overhang. They had a couple units with modified pilots assigned this job but as this was near the end and only once a month run removing pilot on any available unit was more efficient.
Posted by Eric Williams on May 2, 2012 
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 2, 2012 
A perfectly composed nostalgic photo - couldn't have posed it any better had you the chance. Sure miss the Pac-Man logo.
Posted by Tom Farence on May 2, 2012 
Classic Canadian Pacific...very nice Bill.
Posted by Sport! on May 3, 2012 
Classic! A "January Snow" in February? I'll buy it anyway!
Posted by Max Smith on May 3, 2012 
Notice the number board is different.
Posted by Donald Haskel on May 3, 2012 
I am glad to see that this picture rated so highly. GP9s in old or new Canadian Pacific livery have been a favorite with me.. I recall this barge operation from an article in Trains Magazine. The boat that takes itís own locomotive wherever it goes.
Posted by Bernie Feltman on May 3, 2012 
Flying white "extra" flags, too ! Very nice photo, Bill
Posted by FSWood on May 3, 2012 
Love hood end mounted bells on these things. Looks like one could deduce the dynamic brake hasn't been much used recently since there is snow on the housing. Snow also shows where cab roof frames are.
Posted by Henryb on May 4, 2012 
what a fine picture Looks like a postcard or even a christmas card for a RR buff
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