Posted by Gene Hetherington on June 12, 2012 
Posted by tdrake on June 12, 2012 
Great shot! The Alligators couldn't look much better than with the one piece windshields and original blue/yellow scheme.
Posted by Gene Hetherington on June 12, 2012 
In addition to looking so great, I can only imagine what that SOUNDED like!! Wow!!!
Posted by Chuck Schwesinger on June 12, 2012 
Truly a classic! I traveled Route 66 eastbound along the ATSF during August of 1968 with my family. I was the ripe age of 10, but the Santa Fe made a heck of an impression on a kid used to 3-4 trains a day on his hometown Soo. I kept my Dad busy making U-turns to follow west bound's to get a better look at for a little while. He soon tired to the game and quickly explained we would never get home following that procedure along the Santa Fe! Amazingly enough the sights that stick in my mind from that trip was a U28CG powered passenger train in Flagstaff, the York Canyon loads with 10 gators as above and a F7A-B in passenger colors blasting along at probably 70+ with 2 TOFC cars and a caboose just west of Amarillo. Thanks so much for posting this one Steve!!!
Posted by RailLady on April 22, 2013 
A classic shot with special grace and motion to it. Thanks for posting.
Posted by Darrell Krueger on September 20, 2013 
Awesome shot, Steve! However the coal has not been exhausted up there.
Posted by Dana M. on April 19, 2014 
Steve, I commend your photo and the submission, and I agree with a previous comment: "I wonder what it SOUNDED like?" However, you didn't mention the four mid-train "Alligators" in the background above the first three and a half coal hoppers - split by a Santa Fe "B" motor! (The fourth 'Gator is partially hidden by the hill above the first hopper as the rest of the train is visible above the front locomotive.) Nice capture though!
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