Posted by miningcamper on July 7, 2012 
Looks like an Alco!
Posted by Scott Markloff on July 8, 2012 
There's a reason it looks like an ALCO, it was a copy of an ALCO that was reversed engineered in the good ole' USSR and then copied over and over.
Posted by lawman on July 8, 2012 
If ain't broke why fix it.
Posted by Sergey A.K. on July 8, 2012 
Dear friends! I think, there is some misunderstanding. In fact, USA sent to USSR ALCO RSD-1 in WW2. Soviet engineers reverse engineered ALCO in TE1. TE1 is the first class of soviet diesel-electric locomotives, designed after WW2. Improvement of the TE1 design ended with creation of the TEM1 class that formed a basis for design of TEM2. Thus, TEM2 isn't a direct copy of ALCO RSD-1. However absolutely precisely ALCO RSD-1 is the primogenitor of the whole branch of the Soviet industrial locomotives (TEM1 - TEM2 - TEM2U - .... TEM18). Pardon me for my English, please.
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