Posted by miningcamper on August 11, 2012 
Superb! But just imagine a big NP articulated on the point...
Posted by Till Mosler on August 15, 2012 
Great perspective and beautiful coal train!
Posted by Tom Danneman on August 15, 2012 
Nice shot, Jason!
Posted by Indecline on August 15, 2012 
So how did you get to this spot? All I ever seen around there are mean looking charcters with shotguns ready to blow a hole in you if you step on their sacred posted no tresspassing Montana Property? I hadn't been up that way for a few years and drove throught last fall and couldn't believe all the postings. :(
Posted by Jason Cary on August 16, 2012 
The best advice I give for rail-fanning Mullan Pass is to buy a detailed BLM / Private Land ownership map from one of the local sporting goods stores. A lot of 'West' Mullan Pass is actually surrounded by Public Land with narrow strips of private. You just have to know where you are. The eastern part of the pass toward Austin is largely private. Those shotgun toting Mountain men that own most of the property are actually some of the friendliest folk around. I have made friends out of quite a few land owners over the years on Mullan, just be sure you ask first before venturing on to their private land. It doesn't hurt to leave them a Thank You, with a gift card. I once picked up a Mountain lookin' fella that ran out of gas on Mullan Road. I returned him to his cabin for gas. In return he granted me access to 100 acres of his land if I am not mistaken. It is also not a bad idea to carry your own firearm while venturing in the woods on Mullan. There is a large bear population especially toward the Summit!
Posted by on August 18, 2012 
Excellent scene, Jason. I've been over that territory a few times and would love to go back.
Posted by Joe Hedrick on August 21, 2012 
Excellent shot and a great catch! Jason!
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