Posted by Caleb Keefer on September 15, 2012 
Great photo, love that AMTK phase three, but I think you need to check your date.
Posted by Mike on September 15, 2012 
Obviously the date is wrong. My interest is in that second unit. Is that a Rail America unit with the Rail America painted out? Or was "Rail America" never letterd on the long hood? Just seems like an oddity to me. I could be wrong. BTW, I still dig the old RailTex red and grey. It is just an appropriate paint job for a locomotive. Hopefully G&W will do a RailTex heritage unit. Screw Rail America. BTW, I am a long time G&W employee (14 years).
Posted by Mike G on September 16, 2012 
Neat shot of the yard. Nothing wrong with the date, pretty cool seeing the GP-38's hauling the freight!
Posted by cpcnguy on November 26, 2012 
Nothing wrong with the date. That RA locomotive (RLK 4057) never had Railamerica painted on it. Although it does sport the logo on the ends of the short and long hoods.
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