Posted by Troy Staten on September 21, 2012 
Neat shot, check out the old Rio Grande box car by the maintainance equipment building.
Posted by Vernon McCarthy on September 21, 2012 
How much weight do you think this train is pulling?
Posted by Frank Orona on September 21, 2012 
Lets see 10 miles times 5280ft divided by 3ft times 136lb and then divided by 2000lb = 1196.8 tons of rail.
Posted by Erick Anderson on September 21, 2012 
It always surprises me that rail is flexible enough for a train like this to take curves.
Posted by Rahul on September 21, 2012 
The rail on the wagons doesn't have to flex more than the rail the train is running on. So there is no issue transporting it this way.
Posted by Harald Hohendorf on September 22, 2012 
It's still amazing how many rails have to be flexed and roll freely to account for inside outside radius/length changes. All supported by two rails below. Great shot.
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