Posted by Tyler McKinney on October 4, 2012 
Excellent story, although I am pretty sure they sold one of their SWs, #215, it's been floating a refinery in Louisiana for some time now.
Posted by steve star on October 4, 2012 
Thank you for the tasty bit of history!
Posted by Ron Flanary on October 4, 2012 
Thanks, Tyler. It's been quite a long time since I saw the ET's operation, so I just assumed both units were still there. Nothing was running yesterday when I was there, and I didn't bother looking inside the engine house. I'll check it out a little later on.
Posted by Bulldog on October 4, 2012 
I actually work there now. The 215 was sent to TN Eastman a couple years ago and then was sent to the refinery where it still earns its living. It was not sold, just transferred here and there intracompany.
Posted by Paul Flaherty on October 4, 2012 
These pictures are so much more enjoyable when the provenance of the scene is given as was so eloquently described in this case.
Posted by Tyler McKinney on October 5, 2012 
That's interesting to know Bulldog, any chance it could end up back in Johnson City?
Posted by Bulldog on October 6, 2012 
Tyler, probably not.
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