Posted by Trip Snyder on October 16, 2012 
That third car has quite a lot of flex to it. Is that usable, or does it make a bline to the shops? I've never seen a coal car flex like that.
Posted by Paul Flaherty on October 16, 2012 
I think the flexing of the third car is more an optical illusion when viewed this way with the forth car in the picture. When you think about what is involved in rectifying this situation, I sure wouldn’t want to be the guy making the decisions on how to “right” the mishap. It has to take a lot of experience to fix these derailments safely.
Posted by Appalachianrails on October 16, 2012 
To me, this is now a usual scene on the Cabin Creek Sub, haha. Excellent photo Chase.
Posted by sirmartinfrobisher on October 16, 2012 
Paul Flaherty, I used to be a truck driver and one day put the trailer wheels on one side of my trailer in an overgrown ditch in nowhere, Spain. I was loaded with cases of greengages stacked high, it was flexed more than that wagon. As soon as the crane put me back on the road, it was absolutely fine. I bet it was a lot cheaper than using Corman! It cost me $50.00 cash, but it was in 1977.
Posted by Paul Flaherty on October 18, 2012 
That's why I have road service on my insurance... LOL!
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