Posted by SeanK97 on November 26, 2012 
Not only sad but a waste as well. Too bad the owner saw it only as scrap, short-sided for sure.
Posted by Jadczak Photography on November 26, 2012 
She was a beauty.
Posted by Cameron Applegath on November 26, 2012 
That's...really sad...and dumb.
Posted by Robby Gragg on November 27, 2012 
Shame on Omnitrax for letting these units rot away for all these years. Nice shot!
Posted by Matt Maloy on November 27, 2012 
Thankfully, it wasn't and NC or SC switcher
Posted by AL KUNOLD on November 27, 2012 
use to watch that little engine switch when running my Metra train . A very sad day . If that was a SF engine , there would be a shrine .
Posted by Jeff Sell on November 27, 2012 
Such a haunting image showing a doomed locomotive surrounded by fog! Unfortunately, some locomotives escape preservation and are sent to the scrap yard. The same thing happened to the very first PRR k-4 #1737. Nice write up and great photo!
Posted by Gary on November 27, 2012 
Theres one thing I dont understand here. If feelings were so high on what is most certainly a historic locomotive worth saving, then why was the money not raised and offered to the owner of the locomotive in its scrap value ? Atleast thats how it works in the U.K, Ive seldom seen any locomotive 'given away' for free.
Posted by Robby Gragg on November 27, 2012 
These units were basically shoved into the roundhouse and forgotten about, except to the vandals who stole anything they could off them.
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