Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 27, 2012 
Wow - love this shot! Great looking engine (sister being restored in Alaska) and to have captured pulling an actual Army train - just amazing! You've made me an Army steam fan! Imagine the draw should a tourist line come by a few of theses passenger cars. This engine survives at a US Army Museum in VA. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by thewiz on November 27, 2012 
Correct me if I'm wrong but these engines were built to fit within European loading gauge for post-war reconstruction use and could be fitted with buffer and screw couplings if necessary.
Posted by cavranger on November 27, 2012 
I'm currently stationed at Ft Eustis, this has to be the coolest photo I've seen from this area yet.
Posted by Billie Bell on November 28, 2012 
What a treat. Love this one. Thank you for sharing this with a big steam fan.
Posted by Billie Bell on November 28, 2012 
You mentioned, 'Army has steamed up a couple'. If you got pictures of the other one, I'm hoping you can share it.
Posted by B&Osummer*man on February 17, 2013 
Was stationed at Ft. Monroe (USCONARC) in nearby Hampton, Va.; couldn't make it to Ft. Eustis that day due to ceremonies and parades on-post.
Posted by p51 on April 24, 2017 
AMAZING, I had no idea they were running as late as 1970 there. I finally got to visit the museum there recently and it's great they have a halfway decent collection of rolling stock there.
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