Posted by Zach Pumphery on November 30, 2012 
Oh yeah, sign the card and go. Good for a lead unit.
Posted by David Doty Sr. on November 30, 2012 
Is it me or does the frame look bowed at about midpoint? That could be the reason this engine is being used as a parts unit rather than being repaired and put back to work. Do not cry over the loss of such as this. Remember, even in death, it will continue to live in many other engines.
Posted by moodykb on November 30, 2012 
the locomotives will do that when you take the engine and generator out, plus I bet it does not have any fuel.
Posted by Ry Alford on November 30, 2012 
The frame is bowed in the middle. This is known as pre-stressing. The steel members would be in a "relaxed" state when it was carrying the designed weight, and would appear straight.
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