Posted by David Doty Sr. on December 11, 2012 
Be it sun or blizzaed section crews are always at work maintaining the right-of-way. Dave, this is one of the best human interest photos I have ever seen. I am giving you my PCA vote for this one.
Posted by Sean Mathews on December 12, 2012 
PCA vote from me. Intriguing. Exelletn shot.
Posted by hemiadda2d on December 13, 2012 
Old tunnel motors never die... "struggles to clear a switch during a blizzard" Seems quite the understatement--looks like the wind is driting in the switch as fast as the crew is shoveling it out.
Posted by Chris Burger on December 13, 2012 
Just another winter's day at the office for DMIR railroaders.
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