Posted by George W. Hamlin on December 31, 2012 
Not hard to see why this one's a favorite!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 31, 2012 
Awesome! Great subject, location, composition and just enough light to make it work! How have you sat on this so long?
Posted by Billie Bell on December 31, 2012 
and I can well see why this might be your favorite. It's intriguing and beautiful.
Posted by Mark Rosnick on December 31, 2012 
No doubt that this would be anyone's favorite. Very nice James.
Posted by tsched on December 31, 2012 
That's wonderful. Thanks for posting.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on December 31, 2012 
Looming rock, snow, so nice!
Posted by Andre Menard on January 1, 2013 
Probably your best shot on RP, thank you for posting and sharing
Posted by Eric Williams on January 1, 2013 
James, another winner from your amazing collection. PCA from me.
Posted by John West on January 1, 2013 
Another wonderful Belmont image.
Posted by David Hawkins on January 1, 2013 
Worthy of POW. Congrats!
Posted by on January 2, 2013 
Nice shot, wish I could have gotten out there to shoot the RGZ before they discontinued service.
Posted by Samuel Phillips on January 2, 2013 
Absolutely fantastic, James! Your collection of vintage DRGW photos never cease to impress me. Thanks for sharing another beauty! PCA from me!
Posted by Jake B. on January 4, 2013 
This is a spectacular photograph! Very nice!
Posted by Carl K on January 7, 2015 
Stunning James. Thanks for posting.
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