Posted by Dave Kerr on December 10, 2003 
Robert, a really nice effect from the time exposure. Dave
Posted by Chris Starnes on December 10, 2003 
Killer shot, Robert! I had wanted to do a similar shot on my trip the week before but the gusty winds kept me from attempting it (camera shake). There is always next time, though!
Posted by Mike Woodruff on December 10, 2003 
Rob: Excellent, excellent! Something I always wanted to try but never did. You realize of course that another Robert (Hale) did this in the '40s with cab-forward steam! Great job. Mike W. Largo, FL
Posted by Robert Benkovitz on December 10, 2003 
Thanks everybody for the compliments. A couple of notes on the shot, since a few have asked: I used a Canon EOS 10D, with a Canon 24-85mm zoom lens set on 24mm. My only regret is that I couldn't get the entire loop in the shot - the 10D does not have a full frame sensor chip, so it magnifies the focal length of lenses by a factor of 1.6, rendering my 24mm a 38mm. The only good thing about that is I could cut out the distracting lights on Rte 58. I also 'digitally dodged' out a few spots where cars from Woodford-Tehachapi Road made light streaks on the hill to the left, so it wouldn't be confused with the train.
Posted by Chris Kilroy on December 10, 2003 
What a stunning shot! Very nice, Robert!
Posted by on December 10, 2003 
Holy cow! Stunning. Reason #1017 forme to geta 10D. (Joe H.)
Posted by Gregg Pullano on November 11, 2005 
I didn't think digital was able to do exposures that long. Pretty cool photo.
Posted by Extra West on June 3, 2007 
Robert, what was the f-stop? Gregg, why wouldn't digital be able to do exposures that long? I didn't know there was (or maybe have been) a difference between exposures processes for film and digital.
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