Posted by David Doty Sr. on January 24, 2013 
It's a good thing all locomotives have a very low CofG otherwise that engineer would be climbing out of the conductor's side window right about now.
Posted by on January 24, 2013 
I'm not really into physics, but can the "tipping point" for a Geep be very much more than this?
Posted by AL KUNOLD on January 24, 2013 
Nice photo . Lean to the other side .
Posted by Sport! on January 24, 2013 
I'm suprised that there isn't someone leaning out the conductor's side window like a sailboat!!!
Posted by on January 24, 2013 
Capitalism at its best!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on January 24, 2013 
Great catch, Michael! Nice shiny clean engine, too. Glad to see the line getting the maintenance it needs - Capitalism at it's finest, though I suppose a government hand out would've worked too. What's another $20 off my pay check, right?
Posted by David Doty Sr. on January 24, 2013 
In response to - posted by January 24. - The center of gravity on any locomotive is just about even with or just below the coupler. Everything is mounted to the frame rail plus the wheel units and fuel tanks are all below the coupler. All of the stuff above is nothing more than sheet metal coverings to weather proteck the internal workings plus the air filters. Nothing heavy. That is why most derails the engines remain upright. It takes a lot to tip one over, however, when they do go over it is virtually impossible to stop them.
Posted by SouthernMatt4501 on January 24, 2013 
Im glad that they are going to repair the track, I mean, I am surprised that the FRA still allowed them to operate with this sort of track conditions.
Posted by Curious142 on January 24, 2013 
So, the diesel engine and generator/alternator/whatever (and who knows what else) are also mounted below the coupler. Unless the engine and generator are made of sheet metal. It's a very interesting shot. The people who occupy the cabs of the diesel engines on this line should get hazardous duty pay.
Posted by Carl Massart on January 24, 2013 
I love these shots that show the other side of railroading.
Posted by on January 24, 2013 
It seems every week we see a similar photo on the same line. Is it the rubbernecker inside us hoping to see an accident that puts each of them at the top of the view count?
Posted by Matt Maloy on January 25, 2013 
You're going to tip over, sir.
Posted by Dave Beach on January 25, 2013 
Nice timing on the lean Mike.
Posted by Ken Huard on January 29, 2013 
I think the photo is unlevel..........or is it?
Posted by nptrain on September 24, 2016 
Love it!!!
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