Posted by Brian Hewson on February 22, 2013 
Is this the same one that currently sits in the Lake Superior Railroad Museum?
Posted by Michael Demers on February 22, 2013 
No, it seems to be DM&IR 227 that's in the museum. See
Posted by on February 22, 2013 
No. There is this one #225 at Proctor. #229 at Two Harbors. And #227 at the Duluth museum.
Posted by David Doty Sr. on February 22, 2013 
It does, however, appear to be outwardly maintained and lovingly cared for and that is good news. It is wonderful to know that the park people and the local community realize just how important this machine was to thier history and developement.
Posted by on February 22, 2013 
#229 at Two Harbors has a roof. And was cosmetically restored not too long ago.
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