Posted by MarkT on March 3, 2013 
Another PCA vote. This is just stunning!
Posted by Jim Sinclair on March 3, 2013 
Georg... I'm going to write the first word that came out of my mouth when I saw your photo: "WOW!!" The classic stone station, the background mountains, the lighting and composition all came together to make this a perfect photo with a genuine "3D feel" to it! Great work and a PC vote from me as well!
Posted by Tom on March 3, 2013 
I agree- People's Choice... but I'm real curious... Where do people park ????
Posted by David Doty Sr. on March 3, 2013 
The striking colors make this a very sureal image. OCA from also.
Posted by miningcamper on March 3, 2013 
Parking? If there is a road to this place, I couldn't find it in the online maps. This is a spectacular spot with hairpin horseshoe curves and such. For a visual feast, do an image search on "Alp Grüm".
Posted by Felix Brun on March 4, 2013 
@Tom They're parking nowhere, there is no street going to that Station. Felix
Posted by Ilya Semyonoff on March 4, 2013 
Posted by Tom on March 4, 2013 
I wondered about a road, not necessarily a street. Since there is only one track. I guess that means you come here, get off if changing, and then get on something else later on ????
Posted by Juraj Streber - on March 12, 2013 
I am speachless when looking at this picture. simply breathtaking
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